Our 11 All-Time Favorite Bunnies



Winnie the Pooh’s buddy is a grump, but to be honest we’d be irritated too if a slow-witted neighbor with an eating disorder kept showing up on our doorstep. Rabbit isn’t afraid to speak his mind or tell the truth when nobody else will step up. And that’s the type of person hare who you want around when things get rough.

velveteenrabbit275#9. VELVETEEN RABBIT

He’s a toy who can’t jump or hop, and he didn’t come with the mobility of a Transformer or G.I. Joe, but we love a good underdog story (or underrabbit story). When things are at their bleakest for the Velveteen Rabbit and he’s about to get torched in a fire, hemunches on some fairy dust and morphs into a real rabbit to escape death. That’s pretty metal.