7 Protein Powders That Can Help You Build Muscle

casein protein#3. CASEIN PROTEIN
This slow-digesting protein is good to take before bed to provide your muscles a constant flow of nutrients. Additionally, casein promotes support for bone tissue and, according to one study, taking casein protein can lead to greater gains in the gym.

Consider: Dymatize Nutrition EliteCasein Shake ($48 for 4 lbs. @ Amazon.com)

pea protein#4. PEA PROTEIN
Plenty of iron, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and an abundance of essential amnio acids, pea protein can also curb your appetite so you avoid craving Funyons and potentially help alleviate stress.

Consider: Naturade Pea Protein Diet Supplement Jug ($17.85 @ Amazon.com)

egg protein#5. EGG PROTEIN
Lots of vitamins A, B and D, but be careful of the way in which your egg protein is manufactured. Using dyes may be unhealthy and contain things like Salmonella. Sure, Salmonella will help you lose weight, but it won’t be a pleasant dieting experience. That said, if you find a natural egg protein that’s of high quality, it’s not a bad option whatsoever..

Consider: MRM – All Natural Egg White Protein ($19 @ Amazon.com)



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