The Top 5 South African Casino Resorts to Visit in 2021

Concise reviews of five of the best South African casino resorts to be visited in 2021, and weighing up the advantages of online casinos as well.

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Take a Look at 5 of the Top South African Casino Resorts

The Rainbow Nation has some fantastic African delights for tourists, and near the top of the list are excellent casino resorts. Here are five of the best to consider visiting in 2021.

Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort first opened its doors back in the distant days of 1979, and quickly became known as the best resort in the whole of South Africa. This world class tourist destination is right next door to the Pilanesberg National Park, which includes the crater of a long extinct volcano, Iron and Stone Age sites and megafauna such as rhinoceroses, elephants, and giraffes, plus lions, leopards and cheetahs

Because of this unique location, Sun City is the only hotel and casino resort from which guests find themselves able to easily access both safari and surfing distractions. For those who prefer staying within the hotel, the glitzy casino has kept pace with changing fashions and advancing technology over the decades and today provides the latest in betting opportunities to suit both newcomers and veteran players.

In addition to being sensible when it comes to betting, visitors to Africa should also follow some good general tips to stay safe such as avoiding flashy jewellery when out and about. There’s no point winning it big in the casino only to lose it on the street.

Taking Advantage of Online Casinos

There’s a lot to enjoy when it comes to swanky South African resorts that provide a heady cocktail of luxury and casino games. Sometimes this can be a bit trickier, though, such as when lockdowns cause things to shut down. When that happens, or if you just prefer the simplicity of a betting establishment with doors that never close, South African online casinos are accessible on a 24/7 basis at zero risk of catching COVID-19 (although it can’t be guaranteed you’ll finish in profit, alas). Better yet, the best South African online casinos provide a bigger profit margin for players through a lower house edge, because the lack of rent, staffing, and other real world associated costs means that betting sites can cut the players a better deal while still staying in the black themselves. With hundreds or even thousands of slots complemented by promotions, table games by the score, and seamless mobile access, online casinos are well worth a look.

Emerald Resort & Casino

Emerald Resort & Casino is located in Vanderbijlpark, and offers guests the convenience of free private parking, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool to stay fresh outside and aircon to stay cool in the guest rooms. Better still, the staff are professional, attentive, and friendly, helping to ensure that any potential bumps in the road can easily be ironed out.

There are over 430 slots machines in separate smoking and non-smoking areas for the comfort of players. When it comes to table gaming there are non-smoking, smoking, privé, and private rooms available, where blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat (privé-only) can be played.

Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Ideal for those who enjoy lazing in the sun and working on their tan, there’s sun, sea, and sand on the hotel doorstep of the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. Keen bettors have all they could want and more, with close to two thousand slot games and dozens of gaming tables from which to choose. Fans of the latest slots or aficionados of classic card games poker, blackjack, and baccarat are equally well catered for, with plenty of roulette options too.

The local area has cinematic and theatrical venues close at hand, with dozens of dining establishments from which to choose. And there are football and rugby sporting arenas nearby for those who like to watch (or bet on) more than just casino games.

Boardwalk Hotel

Five stars are complemented with free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and the Camelot Spa (located within the hotel) to make your stay comfortable at this swanky hotel in Port Elizabeth. The local area has Kings Beach just steps from the door, and culinary styles such as steaks and seafood, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and more, so the only dining dilemma is just where to eat.

The hotel itself is home not only to luxurious rooms but hundreds of slot machines within the extensive casino. Guests can also avail themselves of dicing and roulette games, or try their hand at poker, baccarat, and blackjack.

African tourism has been hit hard by the coronavirus, just like many other holiday hotspots. But as things improve this will hopefully be reversed. In the meantime, hotels will be keen to encourage visitors to return, which may mean good deals for holidaymakers.

Peermont D’oreale Grande at Emperors Palace

Located with easy access to O.R. Tambo International Airport, guests can find unsurpassed luxury at the Peermont D’oreale Grande at Emperors Palace. A regal experience and lavish indulgence are the aspiration of this top notch hotel, where guests can sate their appetites at Aurelia’s restaurant, and spoil themselves at the spa. There’s a swimming pool and gym to stay in shape, and Wi-Fi and a business centre to stay in touch.

On the casino front, guests have thousands of slot machines and 69 gaming tables at which to play everything from decades old card games to spinning the latest reels. For those who are especially swish, there are seven VIP casino rooms.

Mention casino resorts and people may think of Las Vegas, or the tight streets of Mediterranean principality Monaco. But South Africa has some fantastic luxury casino hotels with unique attractions.