The Amazing Zombie Diet!

zombie diet brain

DR. STOPPANI SAYS: “Zombies are typically depicted as slow creatures, which means they’d be looking for slow-burning energy. Since the brain is high in fat and glucose (sugar), that makes it the perfect food. For a human with a limited food supply, the brain isn’t a bad choice, either. You need the energy and have no idea when the f*ck you’ll eat again, so taste and texture shouldn’t matter.”



DR. STOPPANI SAYS:“Whether you’re a zombie or a human, you don’t want the shit that’s been filtering through the liver going into your body — there’s a ton of chemicals inside that won’t taste good. Apply the same rule for the kidneys. They filter what’s leaving your body, opposed to the liver which filters what goes into your bloodstream; it’s in your best interest to stay away from both.”