Our Top NFL Draft Picks —
From Football Movies

 ModernMan.com Players We'd Draft From Movies

DE Steve Lattimer  | The Program, 1993
Lattimer owed his promotion to first-string defense on the ESU Timberwolves to hard work and dedication steroids. Big deal! So the guy experienced a little roid rage from time to time … and smashed his head through a car window … and let a teammate spit into his mouth for motivation. (That’s some heavy-duty  Tony Mandarich type sh!t.) But regardless, he was a monster while on the juice!

Football Snipes ModernMan.comDB Turmaine Johnson | Wildcats, 1986
If Johnson can learn discipline and D-back skills at inner-city Central High — where guard dogs patrol the campus and the team is coached by an adorable blond woman best known for telling silly jokes while painted like a flower — imagine how well he’d play if he had quality gear and a big signing bonus? It’s a gamble though; what if he were to make so much money that he completely loses touch and decides to stop paying his taxes? Nah, nobody would be that dopey.