Our Top NFL Draft Picks —
From Football Movies

rudy1501Special Teams Specialist Rudy Reutiger | Rudy, 1993
You didn’t think we’d forget about good ol’ Rudy, did you? Anyway, Rudy might have a lot of heart and motivation, and he may have the will to possess the Ring of Power without succumbing to the urge to wield it, but there’s no way we’d let that weakling play defensive end. However, his quick little Hobbit hands would probably make him an ideal candidate for PAT holder. Welcome to the team!

Football Players We'd Draft From Movies ModernMan.com

OT Michael Oher | The Blind Side, 2009
Sure, the movie is a total fantasy: A rich white family in Memphis adopts a poor black teenager who’s all but homeless, and with love and support help him become a beast of a lineman. But nevertheless, we … wait, that was real?