Our Top NFL Draft Picks —
From Football Movies

Football Forrest Gump ModernMan.comKick Return Specialist Forrest Gump | Forrest Gump, 1994
The fact that Gump played for Alabama demonstrated what most of us already knew: No matter how limited your mental faculties may be, you can go to college for free if you play sports well. So why would we draft him? As legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant said, “He must be the stupidest son-of-a-bitch alive. But he sure is fast!”

Football Players We'd Draft From Movies ModernMan.comPK Lucy Draper | Necessary Roughness, 1991
Does the name Scott Norwood ring a bell? It does if you were a Buffalo Bills fan 20 years ago. Norwood is infamous for “wide right,” a 47-yard field-goal kick with time expiring that would have won Super Bowl XXV in 1991 if he hadn’t shanked it … well, wide right. Point being, it’s important to have a place kicker who can deliver in the clutch.

All of that said, we’d draft Draper solely because she looks a lot like supermodel Kathy Ireland.