Vegan CBD: Should you Choose Them?

Vegan CBD is gaining popularity, especially because they are vegan. Wondering if they are worth it? Read this article to know more.


CBD has been consumed by people for a long time due to its numerous therapeutic benefits. However, if you belong to a group of people who are skeptical if CBD can be vegan and if you should choose it, then this article is perfect for you. You will know about the following after you are done reading.

  • What is CBD?
  • Why is vegan CBD beneficial?
  • Different forms of CBD
  • Few vegan CBD products

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. This is more commonly known as a hemp plant. There are more than 100 chemical compounds in this plant, out of which CBD is just one element. Another chemical responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis that makes you “high” is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. You must have heard of CBD products like CBD oils and Vegan CBD Gummy bears. CBD has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. It can be used to relieve pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Supplements containing CBD have been made legal in many countries now, but are regulated. In some European countries and the UK, CBD supplements should contain the quantity of CBD under 0.2% and THC under 1 mg. As a result, you can easily get the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychotropic effects.

Why is Vegan CBD Beneficial?

Vegan CBD is beneficial for many reasons. From being plant-based to helping in improving your mental health, choosing vegan CBD is a great idea.

Vegan Oil Derivative

Although CBD oil is vegan, some ingredients in the supplement might not be plant-based. Gelatin is the constituent in CBD that is not vegan and can be used in gummies and cosmetics.

However, vegan oil can be derived from CBD, which is 100% plant-based and, in turn, can be used to make a plethora of CBD products. One of the most important advantages of vegan CBD is that it is vegan!

Currently, 6% of the US population is vegan and the number is expected to keep increasing. So vegan CBD products are beneficial for a huge number of people.


Vegan CBD is not tested on animals. Since it is not a licensed drug product, testing on animals should not be done. However, always check the product details to be 100% sure if the product is cruelty-free since some CBD cosmetics might be tested on animals.


Veganism can be very eco-friendly. It is a wonderful option to help save our planet. According to research at the University of Oxford, up to 73% of your carbon footprint can be reduced just by omitting meat and dairy from your diet! So why wouldn’t you choose vegan CBD?

Improve Mental Health

In times when there is a rise in a mental and emotional health crisis, the overall health of people is being largely affected. CBD is known to alleviate good mood and well-being. Moreover, having therapeutic benefits to anxiety and depression, CBD is now one of the most popular supplements out there.

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system receptors CB1 and CB2 which promotes the secretion of the happy hormone, serotonin, and control levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. As a result, CBD can uplift your mood and be effectively used to reduce symptoms of various mental health issues.

CBD helps in insomnia. It helps you to de-stress and relax, promoting sleep. Sometimes CBD products include melatonin to induce sleep.

Levels of the “feel good cannabinoid” anandamide are also proven to be increased by CBD. Not only does this give you a feeling of happiness but also ensures a healthy nervous and immune system. CBD has also been tested to have a positive impact on serious syndromes like depression and schizophrenia! So it can be said that CBD has antidepressant properties.

In addition to these, CBD can also improve memory, fertility, appetite, motivation and alleviate pain.

Makes You a Better Person

Consider consuming CBD a part of self-care. In this era of technology and urban developments, you need some time to relax. CBD does just that for you. It reduces stress and refreshes you, and promotes a much healthier lifestyle. You will be more involved with nature.

You can also incorporate CBD in your yoga sessions to get fruitful results.

Different Forms of CBD

CBD usually comes in three main forms:

  1. Full-spectrum CBD: Contains all the constituents of the cannabis plant, i.e., CBD, terpenes, and THC in little amounts.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD: Contains many of the constituents of the cannabis plant, except THC.
  3. CBD Isolate: This is 99.99% CBD in its purest form. This form of CBD contains no terpenes of THC.

Few Vegan CBD Products

There are a plethora of vegan CBD products out there. Some of the most common ones are down below.

Vegan CBD Gummies

Vegan CBD gummies are an excellent choice for you if you want to consume edibles but are vegan. These gummies come in different fruit flavors, that are not only tasty but also made of 100% natural ingredients.

CBD Oil Tinctures

These oil tinctures are vegan and can be used for multiple purposes, like, calming oil, or cosmetics, etc.

Organic CBD Cosmetics

Finding cosmetics that are made of 100% natural ingredients is a challenge. However, you can obtain a wide range of cosmetic products from face creams and lotions to lipsticks made of organic and vegan CBD.

CBD Capsules

Some companies manufacture CBD capsules with no THC content. So you can get all the goodness of CBD without getting “high”!

In a period of global warming, veganism alone can help eradicate the problem to a large extent. CBD itself has multiple benefits and when we talk about vegan CBD products, the benefits almost double! So there should be no doubt about choosing vegan CBD and including them in your daily routine to improve your overall well-being.