What Guys Should Know About … Steak


#3: There’s No Such Thing As Kobe Beef In America

The U.S. doesn’t allow Japanese beef to be imported, which means that no matter what you read on fancy restaurant menus, there’s no such thing as Kobe beef in America. In fact, the trademark “Kobe Beef,” which is registered in Japan, is meaningless here. The result is that any restaurant can call pretty much any slab of cow “Kobe” and get away with it.

#4: New Cuts of Beef Are Still Being Discovered

Last May the world was introduced to the Vegas Strip, a 14 oz. cut of beef similar to a New York Strip. Other details about the cut — specifically, which part of the cow it comes from — are being withheld until a patent is granted.

#5: Beef Is Graded For Quality

The top three grades of meat are:

Prime — Cattle are young and well fed, and there’s plenty of marbling (fine threads of fat running through the cut).
Choice — It has less marbling than Prime, so it’s more prone to being overcooked.
Select — Marbling is scarce, and you’ll almost certainly need to use a marinade if you want to avoid serving tough, dry meat.

If you’re watching your boyish figure and your main concern is leanness, these cuts are considered extra lean: eye of round roast/steak, sirloin tip side steak, top round roast/steak, bottom round roast/steak, and top sirloin steak.