When Cute Animals Attack


The natural world often provides handy clues that let you know what animals want you to scratch their tummies, and what animals want bloody chunks of you inside their tummies. For instance, cute animals like puppies look like … well, puppies. And attack-prone animals like tigers have huge teeth and claws.

But as Type-1 diabetics and short guys can attest, Ma Nature is a bitch sometimes. Which means there are adorable animals that can be downright dangerous without giving you any warning. Animals like …

When the playful, intuitive bottlenose dolphin isn’t jumping over rainbows or saving surfers from sharks, it’s unleashing its sexual aggression on hapless swimmers. Dolphins perpetrating violence against smaller porpoises and their own young has been well-documented, but sexually excited dolphins will also sometimes target female swimmers, isolate them by swimming in circles, and attempt to mate with them. They also get jealous; in 1994, a dolphin attacked two men off the coast of San Paulo, Brazil, believing them to be competition for a nearby woman.