Why No Wagering Online Casinos Are So Popular in Canada?

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Canadian gamblers are pretty much pampered with gambling-friendly laws and rules for both offline and online gambling, but even for them, some gambling nuances are too rough. For example, online casino bonuses with wagering requirements over 50x bonus, or over 25x bonus plus deposit. These are through-the-roof high requirements that make claiming the bonus almost meaningless.

Taking this fact into consideration, little surprise that casinos with no wagering are popular and searched-for entertainment. There are still few of those, but more and more gamblers open for themselves the beauties of wagerless promotions. Being aware of the advantages no-wager bonus provides, no one will ask the question “why are they so popular”. But before we dive into these advantages, let’s take a look at the question of why online casinos apply the wagering requirements in the first place?

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

There are two types of playthrough requirements. The first type is the least known and it is applied to the initially deposited money. The initial deposit made by a customer is to be wagered in real money casino games from 1 to 3 times minimum.

This is done to prevent the fraudsters from money laundering when they can deposit a sum of money to the casino, and then just withdraw it back without using it. Some casinos apply an administrative fee of up to 15% if the player withdraws the initial deposit without wagering through it in games. So, in this case, playthrough requirements exist to protect the casino from money laundering operations by unfair users.

The second type of playthrough requirements is the one that most gamblers are aware of, and it is applied to casino bonuses. This type exists to prevent the casino from paying too much money to its players, or in other words, to prevent the players to win too much money right away using the bonus.

Bonus wagering demands apply to either the bonus itself, or the bonus and deposit together, and can be from x20 to x70. It means that if the bonus is $100, the x70 playthrough requirements demand that the player wager $7,000 in real money games.

The function of withdrawal is locked until the player meets the playthrough requirements; if they request a withdrawal before the requirements are met, the bonus money and all the winnings associated with the bonus will be forfeited by the casino. Only the winnings associated with the initial deposit will be left on the balance.

Wagering Requirements As A Barrier to Winning

Online casinos apply wagering demands to protect themselves from super lucky players, and from plenty of players winning average sums with the bonus, at the same time. However, for the players, those playthrough requirements are a powerful barrier on their way to successful gambling.

We are not even talking about winning a life-changing sum, because this is almost never the case with an active bonus. Even average winnings that would be higher than the initial deposit become a problem when the wagering demands are too high.

Moreover, a range of other limitations goes hand in hand with the playthrough requirements. These limitations usually include the rule that the bonus can only be wagered in a certain game or games, and this game is often not very potentially profitable. Secondly, the maximum size of the bet is fixed in the game while the bonus is active. And thirdly, many casinos apply the maximum possible win limit for winnings associated with the bonus.

All these rules prevent the players from enjoying enough winnings with the bonus and make them search for no wager bonuses instead.

No Wager Bonuses as an Attractive Alternative

Due to the fact that online casino gamblers started growing indifferent to bonuses with high wagering demands, some casinos decided to make their offers more transparent and more profitable and introduced no wager bonuses. These bonuses may be smaller than average across the niche but whatever the player wins using the bonus belongs to the player.

The players no longer need to wager the bonus sum in specific games that don’t pay well, and they do not have to make another deposit again and again only to be able to wager through the bonus and hope to win something on top of what has been deposited. These conditions make the casino bonuses way fairer, and therefore the gamblers are way more willing to claim them.