9 Awesome Snow Sleds (For Adults)

If you don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of skiing or snowboarding, pick up one of these snow sleds and rule the hill instead.

By Zack Zeigler

If you’re forced to deal with unpleasant winter activities — shoveling snow, de-icing steps, getting into your car first thing in the morning and wondering how the hell it’s possible for it to feel colder inside the car than outside of it — you should definitely take advantage of fun ones. Skiing and snowboarding are awesome, but if you don’t always feel like dealing with the expense and hassle, you should try sledding.

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Yes, sledding. You may not have done it since you were a kid, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. And it’s especially fun when you have a kick-ass snow sled to do it on. Like one of these, for instance …

7 Awesome Snow Sleds (For Adults) Snolo Sleds

Snolo Sled Stealth-X ($3,000)
This carbon fiber sled is good for hard-packed snow and soft powder. Which is exactly how versatile a $3,000 sled should be. The board on bottom is more than two feet long and seven inches wide. To steer, all you have to do is lean. Which is exactly how easy maneuvering a $3,000 sled should be.

7 Awesome Snow Sleds (For Adults) flexible flyer
Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer Sled ($25)
The 26-inch snow sled has rolled edges and a slick bottom that’ll help you approach terminal velocity on packed or fresh snow — and the rope handles allow you to lean-steer and stay attached to the saucer when you subsequently catch air. There’s no flash to this sled, but it’s inexpensive and durable.

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