Modern Haircuts for Men

Looking to update your look? Keep up with the trends and check out some suggestions for modern haircuts for men.

By Jonathan Hackman

modern haircuts for menHair styles can be tricky. They have the power to completely transform your look, for better or for worse. We live in a time where modern haircuts for men range wildly across the spectrum. Short hair, long hair, and nearly everything in between is acceptable. Side note: the Bieber helmet hair is definitely not an option anymore, so please don’t let anyone talk you into getting that; they’re probably just playing a cruel joke on you.

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If you have or prefer short hair, go as short as you’d like with it, but keep the top a little longer than the sides. “The Caesar” is a classic style that is still on trend. Guys with curly hair might be best suited rocking the vintage “James Dean” look.

For lovers of long hair or all things hipster, just let it grow. Get your barber to thin your hair out while keeping the length. You’ll look like a badass who seems to not care what his hair looks like. Combine the long and short look by leaving about 3 inches on top, cropping the sides, and letting it stand tall.

These are just a few suggestions for modern haircuts for men. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with your hair. Explore it, try different styles, and find out what you like. And if you hate it? Don’t sweat it. It grows back.

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