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10 Terrible Halloween Masks

Is there any reason to come up with a clever Halloween costume when you can just run out and buy a mask? Actually, we have 10 reasons.


7 Parenting Tips From The Expendables

Before they all got together to blow stuff up, all of the Expendables badasses played movie dads. Here’s what they taught us about raising kids.


Mel Gibson Is Jacked

Recent pics of actor, director, and renowned bigot Mel Gibson, 57, show he’s been beefing up for his role in The Expendables 3.


How We Got “The Last Stand”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back! In The Last Stand, he and Johnny Knoxville team up to stop bad guys. This is how the movie came to be.


The Ultimate Action-Hero
Showdown: Day 8

It’s the Ultimate Action-Hero Showdown’s final two rounds. Four men enter (actually, one’s a woman), but there can be only one shining moment.