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Video: Drunk Idiot Tackled By Football Coach

A dude getting drunk at a football game is a common thing. A dude getting drunk, walking onto the field shirtless, and then getting manhandled by a group of coaches is not — but it’s super entertaining.


9 Funny Commercials For Bad Products

We’d probably be better off if these awful products didn’t exist. But their unintentionally hilarious commercials have made the world a much better place.


Video: Anti-Christmas Songs Mashup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to watch elves, Muppets, animations, and gremlins sing angrily about the most wonderful time of the year!


Video: Cat Flicks Paper Just Because

Like mindlessly entertaining cat videos? Do you enjoy attempting to decipher weird cat behaviors? Well then, this is your lucky day!


Supercut: Fake Commercials In Movies

Hide your wallets, guys. Otherwise you might impulsively order up services from the Ghostbusters, a Buzz Lightyear action figure, or a Globo Gym membership.