5 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Online Dating

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Nowadays, more people resort to online dating as this gives them a broader coverage to meet more potential romantic partners. It also brings convenience, plus you’d have a chance to get to know your match online before even meeting them in person. Despite the known benefits, some people still fear the entire concept of online dating. This is because you’d need to put your personal information and give away your pictures in every dating app, exposing your identity to strangers.   

What’s more, millions of people will be scrolling through your dating profile, contemplating if you’re good enough for them or not. The thought itself could put people under much pressure or anxiety due to the fear of rejection. Meanwhile, others don’t feel safe and secure about the idea of putting their personal information out there. However, letting this fear get the best of you may be your biggest hindrance toward finding your soulmate online.   

To help you succeed in finding dates online, here are five tips to overcome your fear of online dating. 

  1. Go For Specialized Dating Sites

Suppose you’re one of those people who fear online dating due to the potential security and safety risks. In this case, your first move toward having a better online dating experience is going for specialized and legitimate dating websites. While it’s true there are hundreds of dating sites to choose from, not all of them are safe and suitable for everyone. Some dating sites are only specialized for people finding casual or nonserious flings. Meanwhile, other dating sites are created for a one-time thing only. 

If you’re looking for something serious or wanting to meet someone who’s searching for the same thing as you, it’d be best to only sign up on specialized dating sites that suit you. For instance, if you’re a Catholic and want to date someone with the same faith and belief as you, it’s recommended to go for niche dating websites like Catholic Match or other niche dating platforms. Not only do these sites bring you closer to your potential partner, but they’re also safer and more secure to use.  

  1. Brush Off Rejection 

As earlier mentioned, one reason people are scared of online dating is the fear of getting rejected. Most of the mechanics of dating websites involve swiping off the profiles you don’t think match your standard and only clicking the ‘message’ button on profiles you find interesting. This concept could make people feel anxious, especially if they’re not getting messages on their dating profiles.  

Another type of rejection is when you’re already matched to someone and they suddenly stopped talking to you or blocking your profile out of nowhere. While these rejections are inevitable, it’s important to remind yourself that rejections are normal, and it’s a good sign that you’re going out of your comfort zone.  

To help you brush off rejection in online dating, here are some things you can do: 

  • Don’t message someone who suddenly stopped talking to you. Accept that you deserve way better than someone who suddenly ghosts you for no reason. 
  • Never harass anyone who never replied or messaged you back. Not only will you get reported or suspended, but it’d also bring you farther from your goal of finding your soulmate. 
  • If someone rejected you, you can always open the door to someone else. If it didn’t work for them, it only means they’re not the person you’re looking for.  

Being rejected on dating sites is part of the challenges of online dating, and it happens to everyone. The best way you can overcome it is by knowing how to deal with it healthily without putting down your self-esteem and self-worth. 

  1. Only Post One Picture 

Another concern some people have about online dating is the fear of posting their images online. This fear may come from the idea that their pictures could be reused or reuploaded by any stranger for unknown purposes without their consent. If putting your face or picture on dating sites makes you uncomfortable, vulnerable, and nervous, you may opt to post only one photo of yourself. 

Dating profiles with photos have higher chances of getting more responses than those profiles without. Thus, you can settle with posting one picture to ensure you aren’t isolating yourself from potential partners. When posting your image, make sure it’s clear and free from obstructions. If you’re not comfortable posting a picture with yourself alone, you can use a group photo and indicate in the profile caption which person you are in the profile photo.  

  1. Be Specific In Your Dating Profile 

Perhaps your fear of getting rejected on dating sites is not because most people find you unattractive in your photo but rather the lack of information in your dating profile. Your dating profile can get rejected because it doesn’t contain any specific details about you that people may find interesting. So in creating your dating profile, be clear with your interests or anything that describes you and what you’re looking for. 

For instance, you can write down things you’re passionate about, like your job, pets, hobbies, or talents. Moreover, don’t be afraid to state that you’re only interested in dating serious people or anyone looking for a serious commitment. On the other hand, if you only want casual flings, make it clear in your profile, too. The more you’re specific with your dating profile, the more likely you’d get responses or matches from other people. 

  1. Understand That Online Dating Doesn’t Make You Look Desperate 

Another reason some people fear online dating sites is they’re afraid of being judged as someone desperate. But the truth is online dating is never about being desperate of finding your match or partner. It’s only about broadening your coverage of meeting your match. This is especially true for daters who spend most of their time at work, giving them serious limitations in finding their date. 

Another is for people who work in offices or workplaces that are dominated by one gender. For instance, healthcare workers are generally filled with women, while construction companies are normally filled with men. And so online dating allows them to widen their choices and coverage of finding their date through the use of online dating sites.  

Final Thoughts 

Online dating can be a fun and enjoyable activity. You only need to acknowledge your fear and use these tips to help you find ways to work through it. So always remember to pick the right dating site, brush off any rejection, and practice safety in giving out sensitive pictures or details online. Most importantly, don’t forget to just enjoy and have fun in your online dating experience.