6 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Better

X-mini II Capsule Speaker ($25)
Services like iCloud and Amazon’s CloudDrive, and streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify, gives you access to your music library and thousands of other songs through your phone. When you don’t want to use earbuds or purchase a dock, these tiny speakers can turn your phone (or laptop or MP3 player) into a pocket-sized ghetto blaster. They also feature a modular “Buddy Jack” design, allowing you to tether multiple speakers together for louder, fuller sound.

romorobotRomo, the Smartphone Robot ($150)
Unfortunately, Romo isn’t as hot as Lisa from Weird Science, but he’s still pretty fun. As of now — updates are supposedly on the way — when you strap your phone into the base and fire up the Romo app, he can do things like dance to music and meander from one place to another. Using a second phone, you can also stream his POV and control him remotely to scare your animals or stage a hoax bomb threat.