10 Incredibly Grim Fairy Tale Deaths

ModernMan.com Little Red Riding Hood

Who dies: Grandma Hood
This European tale can be traced back to 14th Century France. By the time it filtered through the likes of the Brothers Grimm and attributed original author Charles Perrault, a few minor details had changed. For instance, in earlier written versions of the story, the wolf disembowels Grandma (instead of swallowing her alive and whole), cooks the carcass, and feeds her to an unknowing Red. Thing is, that’s still not as horrifying as watching the epicly bad Amanda Seyfried movie Red Riding Hood. Mermaid ModernMan.com

ho dies: The Little Mermaid and Ursula the Sea Witch
Hans Christian Andersen’s original story ends with Prince Eric ditching the Little Mermaid to marry a hotter chick who doesn’t have a frigging tail. The Little Mermaid then goes all Ophelia and tosses herself into the ocean, where she dissolves into foam and disappears. Disney couldn’t end their adaptation on a downer like that, so Ariel doesn’t die. Disney did, however, create their own awesome death: Ursula the Sea Witch is electrocuted and then impaled on the prow of a pirate ship. Bad ass.