10 Incredibly Grim Fairy Tale Deaths

ModernMan.com Fairy Tales Gaston

Who dies: Gaston
Disney upped the ante when adapting this 18th Century French tale by adding the character of Gaston, who was essentially Disney’s first date-raping douchebag. In the final battle, Beast hucks Gaston off of the castle roof into a pit of spikes and gargoyles. Sadly, they don’t show the blood gushing from his lifeless body — not even in the DVD extras. ModernMan.com Gingerbread

Who dies: The Gingerbread Man
It’s a familiar story: Old woman bakes cookie. Cookie comes to life. Cookie torments farm animals. Cookie is devoured limb from limb. Making his debut in 1875, the titular character makes the mistake of causing mischief on a local farm, and is subsequently outsmarted, caught, and eaten by a fox. So screamed the Gingerbread Man as the fox gulped him down, “I’m quarter gone. I’m half gone. I’m three-quarters gone. I’m all gone!” That last line seems a bit unbelievable, admittedly.