How To Humanely End A Relationship That’s Clearly Run Its Course

breaking it off

Consideration And Patience
It’s not an easy road. Regardless of all the differences and arguments, try to be extremely patient with the person you are about to break up with. If this was a particularly long and serious relationship, all the more reason to be as gentle as possible. Be prepared for a strong emotional response no matter what you say. And that’s okay. After you say that it’s time to end it, you are likely to see the sadness and anger in her eyes. This is the time to persevere and by all means stick to what you think is the best, quickest, and most painless way of saying that it’s long past time to end the relationship. And do your best to share the blame for any lousy relationship moments you had in the past. It’s never one person’s fault entirely. As the late actor Walter Matthau put it: “It takes two to make a rotten marriage.”

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