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Why Your Favorite NFL Team Is Making You Fat

Fans of the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jaguars should definitely read this.
How to stop an itch

6 Ways To Stop A Bug Bite From Itching

Turns out, going all Wolverine on your skin after you've been bitten by a mosquito isn't the best way to stop a bug bite from itching.

Destination Inebriation: Fun Bars in NYC

Avoid the tourist traps and the sketchy parts of town with these picks for fun bars in NYC
stag party ideas, drunk bunnies

Stag Party Ideas For Men

If you have a buddy who is tying the knot, you need stag party ideas. And the best ones don't always involve strippers.
not chivalrous

20 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men

Sometimes guys need a reminder that some of their behaviors irritate the hell out of women. We'll point some out and offer easy fixes.

It’s A New Whisky Flavor — Boobs! (NSFW)

Crazy German distillers are pouring every ounce of their G-Spirit whisky over a model's bare breasts before bottling it. Yes, there's video.

How To Feel Drunk Instantly (For An Instant)

A new mouth spray allows you to feel buzzed within seconds after use … and that's about how long the effects last.
Legalize Pot ModernMan.com

Why Pot Should Be Legal — And Why It Shouldn’t

In honor of 4/20, we're weighing in on several of the arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana. We're sure you'll remember them tomorrow.

Study: Booze Makes Us Better Problem Solvers

Next time you're in a jam, have a beer! A new study has shown that alcohol stimulates creative problem solving. Of course, there's also a catch …

Duff Beer, Now In Real Life

You too can be just like Homer Simpson … minus the spare tire and combover.

The Best Moonshine Brands That Are Actually Legal

If moonshine makes you think of hillbillies, you're missing out. Moonshine has gone mainstream, and we've found seven of the best moonshine brands to test.

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Gear

Before you trek into the wild, check out these high-performance yet stylish products. That way, you'll look good when they discover your body.