Prefer Your Coffee Black? Cool. You Might Be A Raging Psychopath [Study]

coffee study psycho

According to research conducted by Austria’s Innsbruck University, people who prefer the bitter tastes in life — such as black coffee, radishes, or tonic water — tend to have antisocial personalities that include hostile character traits such as narcissism, psychopathy and overall sadism. Mmmmm, coffee anyone?

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Researchers studied 1,000 Americans and their taste preferences to determine their contributors’ affinity for bitter foods. These results were then compared to a host of personality inventories that focused on negative behavior, and the verdict was clear in displaying a positive link between the two.

While research connecting taste preferences and malevolent personality traits is just beginning, the relationship between them appears to be a strong one. You can read the entire thing when you get your next issue of every foodie’s favorite bathroom journal, Appetite.

In other words, the next time you’re out and witness someone — a friend, a date, a relative, a disheveled homeless man, an uptight banker, etc. — order their coffee black, it’s best to quietly make your escape as rapidly as possible. Later, be sure to sleep with one eye open.

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