Real-Life War Heroes Who Were Basically Captain America

Real-Life Captain Americas Matt The Ghost UrbanLT. COL. MATT “THE GHOST” URBAN
“The Ghost” was aptly named based on the number of times he gave death the middle finger while eradicating enemies with the kind of furious destruction of a Contra spread gun. He did the bazooka thing — taking out two enemy tanks in France — but was wounded in the leg by a 37mm tank gun in the process. His stay in the hospital was short-lived, though, because he decided that his battalion needed him. So he ditched the painkillers and hitchhiked back to his unit’s location in Normandy. Upon arriving, The Ghost found the commanding officers dead from tank fire so, naturally, he mounted the offending tank, commandeered it, and used the tank gun to take out the enemy while completely exposed to their fire from all sides.

It gets badasser…: During a later charge on enemies in Belgium, Urban was shot in the neck. With one of his vocal cords blown completely from his throat, he was unable to talk above a whisper and facing death, yet he still refused evacuation until his battalion had secured their objective.