The Year’s 14 Most Americanest Moments

#10. The Most Badass Birth Ever | April 2014
American women are champs. Not only do they put up with our shit, but they give birth. And some of them — well, really just Edita Tracey of Philadelphia — do it while having open heart surgery because a footlong rupture in her aorta almost killed her. Both mother and baby were fine. Father, too, and probably terrified of his wife’s Wolverine-esque healing factor.

#11. Cap Delivers! | April 4, 2014
Of course Captain America is on the list of “Most Americanest Things.” But, it’s not just because the epic sequel — Captain America: The Winter Soldier — grossed more than $250 million US dollars. The plot of the movie dealt largely with two hot-button issues that were extremely timely upon its release. First, the “big brother” notion of nationwide surveillance — which later culminated in the Edward Snowden scandal — and, second, Scarlett Johansson in tactical spandex.