The Year’s 14 Most Americanest Moments

#12. American Student Gets Stuck Overseas… | June 23, 2014
…in a giant, sculpted vagina. In Germany, too, so you can guess how it was shaved.

#13. An Iconic Toast | April 6, 2014
Beer and pro-wrestling — two American institutions. So, when Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Hulk Hogan — three legitimate wrestling Legends gracing the WrestleMania XXX crowd with cameo appearances — toasted some brewskis in the middle of the ring, no one could resist singing “Real American.”

#14. Johnny Quinn Hulks Out | February 8, 2014
When US bobsledder Johnny Quinn got trapped in his bathroom at the now notoriously inhospitable Sochi Winter Olympics, he just punched his way out with American vengeance, then Tweeted the results for the world to see. The silver for US Winter Olympic catastrophes goes to Bob Costas getting pinkeye.