How To Give A Woman A Massage — 10 Awesome Tips

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best way to massage a woman

Straddle Her

Ask her to lie face down on your bed, and then straddle her lower body. (You can also kneel next to her, but why do that when you can straddle her?) “Start with the hands up in her shoulders and push all the way down her back in a fluid stroke," Vann says. "Then come back up with your hands on either side of her with your thumbs in the middle of her spine. That should cover the whole back."

Go Slow

Speeding through a massage 1) prevents her from relaxing, and 2) makes you seem like you're uncomfortable. If you take your time you'll appear more confident — even when that's not the case. "When you rush, it feels kind of grabby and annoying," she reveals. Also, if at any point your hands feel awkward or stiff while you're doing a movement, that's how she's feeling. Change it up.