6 Lessons From A Loser: Donald Trump

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Donald-Trump lessons from a loser Despite his caustic personality, lust for publicity, and general obnoxiousness, Donald Trump is, after all, a pretty darn successful businessman. (More so before a laundry list of brands dumped him for his idiotic  and insensitive comments on immigration … and just about everything else he says when he opens his enormous maw during his campaign stops.) Still, Trump has declared bankruptcy four times, yet still maintains a personal net worth of about $4 billion and a name brand recognized across the world. Even if you’re not a real estate mogul, beauty pageant owner, or Twitter renegade — or if you're a disenfranchised Trump hater, which if you are, who the hell could blame you? — you can still learn a few things from The Donald. Such as… Lesson One: Brand Yourself