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How To Score Free Beer Using The Qwyrk App

Qwyrk is a sound-messaging app that gives you access to millions of music, movie, comedy, and sound effects clips. And we used it to score free beer.


Stuff For Father’s Day: Tech

Hook your old man up with some new (and easy-to-use) tech that’ll help him keep tabs on his things and bring his tunes on the go.


And Now Apps Know Our Moods

Since we’re too dense to know what mood we’re in, the Moodies Emotions Analytics app now informs us how we’re feeling.

Evolve Awards mobile apps

2013 Evolve Awards: Mobile Apps

Stop getting lost, learn how to do just about anything, and delight your friends with videos of your loved ones being blown to smithereens.


12 Awful Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter.com gives inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs a chance to find funding for their ideas. It also provides people with terrible ideas a platform to be ridiculed.