The Best (Natural) Energy Drinks For Guys

Whether you were up late playing Tetris or threw back one too many cocktails, sometimes you need an energy boost. These (natural) drinks can give it to you.

By Camille Lamb Energy Drinks
There are plenty of options for a pick-me-up when you’re dragging ass: score coke, drink more coffee, or slug a sugar-packed Red Bull (27g), Rockstar (31g), or Monster (54g) energy drink. But those are all bad ideas for guys who A) want to stay out of prison; B) consume too much coffee as-is (and have the brown teeth to prove it); and C) want to prevent their belly from obstructing their view of their man parts.

Another, healthier option? A natural drink that’ll supply energy without baggage like piles of empty calories or adding to an expanding waistline. Here are 7 suggestions to get you started … Chia DrinksCHIA DRINKS

You remember those terrible commercials with the Chia Pets? Turns out the same seeds rich in omega-3s and 6s, calcium, and magnesium that made the sheep’s “fur” grow also provide energy in humans. In fact, Aztec and Mayan warriors even used them during before checkers battle. Because the seeds form a gel and swell up to ten times their size when soaked in liquid, the body processes them slowly for sustained energy and hydration. You can buy ready-to-drink chia from brands like Mamma Chia ($3-5), or swirl a tablespoon or two of the seeds ($10) in water or juice.

Maca ($19) is a root full of amino acids, minerals, and pythonutrients — organic components of plants — that have been used by Andean societies for, like, a billion years for numerous reasons: It can increase stamina, fight fatigue, and increase sex drive, fertility, and sperm count. (Score!) It’s so highly sought after in some areas of Peru that it’s even used as currency. Add maca powder to a smoothie or shake with banana, almond milk, whey protein, a scoop of peanut butter, and frozen berries for breakfast.

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