7 Natural Energy Drinks For Guys

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best natural energy drinks for men

There are plenty of options for a pick-me-up when you’re dragging ass: score coke, drink more coffee, or slug a sugar-packed Red Bull (27g), Rockstar (31g), or Monster (54g) energy drink. But those are all bad ideas for guys who A) want to stay out of prison; B) consume too much coffee as-is (and have the brown teeth to prove it); and C) want to prevent their belly from obstructing their view of their man parts.

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Another, healthier option? A natural drink that’ll supply energy without baggage like piles of empty calories or adding to an expanding waistline. Here are 7 suggestions to get you started …

best natural energy drinks for men Chia Drinks#1. MAMMA CHIA ($20 for a variety pack of 8 @ Amazon.com)

You remember those terrible commercials with the Chia Pets? Turns out the same seeds rich in omega-3s and 6s, calcium, and magnesium that made the sheep’s “fur” grow also provide energy in humans. In fact, Aztec and Mayan warriors even used them during before checkers battle.

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Because the seeds form a gel and swell up to ten times their size when soaked in liquid, the body processes them slowly for sustained energy and hydration. You can buy ready-to-drink chia from brands like Mamma Chia, or swirl a tablespoon or two of chia seeds in water or juice.