5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make

5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make acting distantMISTAKE # 2: ACTING ALOOF
There was a time when maintaining a semblance of mystery was still possible for a man, but due to the wonders of technology this has basically become impossible. When you meet a girl, she’s going to Facebook and Google you. (Possibly more often than you care to know about.) You cannot hide, so you need to be open — though not so open that you blow your cover and let her know how much of a role your Xbox plays in your social life.

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What to do: Girls like to be pursued. They like to think that they’re wanted. So do that. But the problem with technology is that it makes us constantly pursuable, so you need to strike a happy medium to avoid finding yourself texting being goaded into texting her 80 times a day. Remember, girls have their phones on them always. They will usually text back. Also, don’t friend her on Facebook right away, and if she friends you, keep your pictures unavailable so she doesn’t see the time you used that girl as a beer stein in college.