5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make

5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make misclassificationMISTAKE #3: CLASSIFYING HER AS A BOOTY CALL
You know the old saying: Why buy the cow when you can have the kitchen counter sex for free? (Well, the saying goes something like that anyway.) I’m sure you don’t have a problem with a woman sleeping with you on a first date, but you probably then classify her as nothing more than a potential booty call. Well, what is this, 1935?

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Listen: Girls drink, and not only do we enjoy it, it also creates the same desire for sexual activity that it does in you. Nothing like a couple of whiskey sours and some making out at a bar to make a girl do things she didn’t necessarily mean to. However, if the sex was good and not sloppy, or if she was wearing old “I clearly didn’t expect anyone to see these tonight” panties, perhaps you should reconsider writing her off as just a casual hookup.

What to do: Go out with her again. If you see potential, keep it to a two drink minimum and avoid another drunken hook-up. If you invite her back to your place (which you will) that’s fine, but at least now you’ll know it’s because you also actually like hanging out with her. You’ll open yourself up to a larger pool for women, and women will stop spending the night after an impromptu hookup eating cookies and getting mad at their sexuality.