5 Secrets For Having a Friend With Benefits

no strings attached set ground rules immediately
Now, Actually Play By Those Rules

There’s a point to setting ground rules. And, unlike the rule that determined how long my uniform skirt had to be when I went to private school, they shouldn’t be broken. If you agree to not go on dates together and to not get jealous when the other person goes on dates, that’s great … as long as you don’t all of a sudden ask her out to dinner on a Friday night or get mad if you see her out with another guy.

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And if you decide that this is a no-strings-attached relationship, don’t lead her on. “Disclosing your situation and what you want is really the key,” says Irina Firstein, who’s been a relationship therapist in New York City for more than 20 years. “Guys have to understand that words are important to women. Sometimes guys say something in the heat of the moment, and women then cling to that.”

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