7 Grooming Habits That Can Kill You

Popping a Zitgrooming habits that can kill you popping zits
Anyone older than 13 knows that it’s a perversely gratifying sensation — but it’s also one you shouldn’t indulge in. Sure, there’s technically a proper way to pop a zit. But even if you do it correctly, you could die. Do you really want an obituary that humiliating?

How It Could Kill You
Zit popping anywhere on your face is the No. 1 cause of acne scarring. But even scarier than an Edward James Olmosian future — sorry, Battlestar fanboys — is what could happen if you pop a zit in the “Triangle of Death” (Dr. Oz’s coinage, not ours) that extends from the sides of your mouth to the bridge of your nose. Do it there, and potentially deadly bacteria can enter your body by way of the cavity that drains deoxygenated blood from your brain back to your heart. Infections can result in anything from simple headaches to blurred vision to paralysis to death.

But Will It Actually Kill You?
Zits get infected all the time. It’s just that you may not realize it because the typical result is redness and more zits, not an untimely demise.

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