How To Look More Confident

Steepling may be like Kryptonite to women, but you should let them see your mitts when you’re sitting. “Watch Piers Morgan — he has both hands spread out on the table, and that displays massive confidence,” Driver says. “So pop an elbow on the back of your chair and have your other hand stretched out across the table.”How To Develop A Harder Slap Shot

How To Look More Confident: MirrorMIRROR HER BODY LANGUAGE
Sometimes you’re off your game, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose her attention. Try mirroring her mannerisms to make up ground if you’ve hit a communication snag. “Mirroring her posture and her body rhythms sends the message that you’re in sync,” Driver says. “So if her hands are folded on the table, put your hands on the table and fold them; if she’s leaning back, you lean back; if she’s tapping a pen, move your foot to the same rhythm.”