How To Look More Confident

How To Look More Confident: TouchingTOUCH HER
Harmless touching during conversation — like brushing her arm after she tells a joke — lets her know you’re interested. So don’t clam up. “Put your foot on the bottom rung of her stool or touch the back of her chair,” Driver suggests. “But if she suddenly starts closing up, your confidence is too strong for her and you either need to create a little space or uncross your legs, put a coat over your lap, and hide your manpower.” (Another tip: Your manpower should also already be hidden by pants.)How To Develop A Harder Slap Shot

confidence5 mm1LEARN ‘THE CHIN MOVE’
Here’s a way to keep pace with a woman who’s smarter than you: “When someone’s telling you stuff that’s way over your head, simply hold onto your chin as you’re nodding your head slightly,” Driver advises. “This is something Steve Jobs used to do. It makes you appear super confident and very intelligent.”

Want to ramp it up even more? Tilt your head. “When you’re listening, tilt your head toward your left shoulder if you want to look more intelligent, and to your right shoulder if you want to look more attractive,” she says. Sound like BS? It isn’t — Driver is a body language Jedi.