How To Look More Confident

How To Look More Confident: PocketsPUT YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS
Crossing your arms gives off a perception that you’re apprehensive and prissy, but putting your hands in your pockets can have the opposite affect. “When you have your hands in your pockets and you’re hiding your thumbs, you send the message that you need reassurance,” Driver reveals. “If you put your hands in your pockets, make sure your thumbs are out and pointing to your naughty bits.”How To Develop A Harder Slap Shot

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Touching your fingertips together like Mr. Burns in an almost prayer-like gesture is called steepling, a move that Driver explains can kill your mojo. “Donald Trump does this a lot,” Driver tells us. “It’s great for the boardroom, but the kiss of death in a barroom or bedroom. You come across as a judgmental prick.”