21 Unforgettable Names Of Unforgettable Sex Positions

11 Unforgettable Names of Sex Positions around the house sex positions pool


#11. THE PERMANENT PRESS: Basically your staple reverse cowgirl, but on top of a washing machine. You sit, she sits on top of your lap. Commence laundry, er, sex cycle. Couldn’t be easier. And, sorry to be crass here, but if you actually do laundry that’s taking care of two loads.

#12. STAIRCASE POGO: Like the above, but on stairs. A small pillow for your lower back wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Nor would carpeted stairs. Or a woman with stumps for legs (her stems could become a mobility issue for you on the staircase)

#13. BATHROOM BONE SESH: Doggie style using a sink as support. Best done if a mirror is handy so you can check your body for melanoma. Also, make sure you’ve washed out your toothbrush spit form the sink.

#14. POOL PROD: It’s in a pool so the position doesn’t really matter. “Look, ma’ no hands!” Just do it in a standing position.