21 Unforgettable Names Of Unforgettable Sex Positions

11 Unforgettable Names of Sex Positions sex positions for athletic types


#19. WATERFALL: Dude on a chair, partner facing him, sitting on his slap. She leans right back — all the way back — head on a floor cushion. Badabing, badabang!

#20. BALL BLITZ: No the ball you’re thinking or — an exercise ball. Guy or gal gets on top of the workout ball, someone inserts something, and you got yourself a ball blitz.

#21. PLOWING THE FIELD: You sit on the end of the bed, she’s in wheelbarrow position with her hands on the floor. Just reel her in and it’s plow time.
See what we mean? Screw missionary. Actually, don’t — it’s still an acceptable way to get off. But explore. Poke. Prod. Slip. Slide. You have 11 new sex positions — and descriptions for how to do them — so go forth and improve and enhance your bedroom skills, young padawan. May the force (and a boner) be with you.

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It’s easy once you know how to approach it.

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