21 Unforgettable Names Of Unforgettable Sex Positions

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#15. FORWARD FACING SPOON: Just like it sounds. This is how spooning should have always been.

#16. EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT: A more entangled forward facing spoon, and the woman is doing the wrapping.

#17. PICKER UPPER AND DOER: Amazing what a pillow at the small of a back can do for the tried and true missionary. Hint: It raises her pelvis and enables you to accomplish deeper penetration.

#18. NAUGHTY SANTA: A modern and more, uh, refined take on the reverse cowgirl. The man bends one leg between her legs for some support — and added friction. Done right, you won’t get coal in your stocking … but you’ll leave a nice surprise in the condom. Heyoooo!