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5 Great Stocking Stuffers Under $65

If you get these shoved in your stocking consider yourself a lucky guy. Unless you’re a jerk, in which case you deserve coal and a kick in the nuts.


How To Score Free Beer Using The Qwyrk App

Qwyrk is a sound-messaging app that gives you access to millions of music, movie, comedy, and sound effects clips. And we used it to score free beer.


5 Cool Cases To Cover A Naked Phone

Why do some people put cases on DVDs and sunglasses and not their expensive smartphones? Answer: those people are morans, er, morons.


A iPhone Case For Gym Rats

The SlimClip Case is great for activities where you need your hands, like working out and doing karate kicks in the back yard. However, its durability is suspect.


And Now Apps Know Our Moods

Since we’re too dense to know what mood we’re in, the Moodies Emotions Analytics app now informs us how we’re feeling.

Google Chromecast

We Play With Google Chromecast

Is Google Chromecast the new best thing for streaming content to your TV? We got our hands on one to see if it lives up to the hype.