Our 12 Favorite Stories of 2012

How To Have A ThreesomeHow To Have A Threesome

We asked a woman who’s had experience to tell guys how to have a threesome. So if you want to make sure you don’t blow it, follow her 7 rules.

How To Punch A Hole In The WallHow to Punch a F@#king Hole in a Wall
Punching a hole in a wall is totally immature — and totally satisfying. But if you do it, follow our advice so you don’t wind up with a mangled hand.

Al Roker Staring ContestThe Al Roker Staring Contest
Al Roker says his bizarre 17-second stare on the Today show wasn’t an isolated occurrence. He’s right — in fact, we found several other examples.


grocery150How To Save Hundreds on Groceries

Unless you dine out all the time — or are a cyborg — you spend a ton of money on groceries every year. We’ll tell you how to spend a lot less.

11 Memorable Movie Deaths Explained11 Memorable Movie Deaths Explained
What exactly happens to the human body during some of the most memorable movie deaths ever? We asked someone with an actual medical degree.

How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

7 Tips (From a Cop) For Getting Out of a Speeding Ticket
This time we’re asking the questions, and the police are providing the answers.a

Graffiti in Terrible BathroomsFunny Graffiti In Terrible Bathrooms
Sometimes you find rich insight about life, love, and art on bathroom walls. Other times, you find drawings of absurdly large boobs.


All The Other Ways Lance Armstrong Cheated
All The Other Ways Lance Armstrong Cheated

Over the years, Lance Armstrong has (allegedly) cheated on a lot more than just cycling. Video games, thumb wrestling — you name it.

How To Flip Off Jerks
15 Ways To Flip Off Jerks

Flipping someone off with your middle finger may be mankind’s single most efficient way of conveying emotion. And these are our favorite ways to do it.

25 Things We Learned From Lethal Weapon25 Things Lethal Weapon Taught Us
In honor of the 25th anniversary of Lethal Weapon, we’re breaking down 25 life lessons we learned from Murtaugh and Riggs.

What's The Cheapest, Best Way To Shave?What’s The Cheapest, Best Way To Shave?
Since razor blades aren’t cheap, we decided to use actual math to figure out the most economical way to shave.

Supercut Video: Creepy Hands Shooting Up Out Of the GroundSupercut Video: Creepy Hands Shooting Up Out Of the Ground
We’ve, ahem, dug up movie clips featuring zombies — and cowboys, pirates, and telekenetic prom queens — exiting the ground hand-first.