The Year’s 13 Most Americanest Moments

JetBlue Guy Steven SlaterThe JetBlue Guy Quits Like a Man | August 9, 2010
From the time the first Pilgrim boss paid the first Pilgrim employee in maze and stupid hats, to the first time David Allen Coe’s “Take This Job and Shove It” wafted out of an AM radio, to the first time Donald Trump’s blotchy maw puckered around the words, “You’re fired!” Americans have daydreamed about shoving it up the boss’s ass. But no American has done the “You can’t fire me, ’cause I quit!” routine better than JetBlue steward Steven Slater. After facing down one rude passenger too many, Slater got on the plane’s PA, announced he was quitting, grabbed a beer, deployed the inflatable safety slide, and pulled the greatest GTFO of all time.