The Year’s 13 Most Americanest Moments

Anthony Weiner WeinergateWeinergate | May 27, 2011
Say what you will about unfortunately named (former) New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, but he proved to the world that our sexual-deviant politicians have way bigger dicks than sexual-deviant politicians in other, lesser countries. (He also helped us forget about the national embarrassment that was Schwarzenegger’s choice of jump offs.) We know this because, unlike Bill Clinton who was restricted to making moves on whomever happened to be making copies in the West Wing, Weiner went nationwide thanks to Twitter. What’s that, Italian Prime Minister and fellow sexual-deviant politician Silvio Berlusconi? You had to lure your young women in with lavish parties at mansions? Sounds like you’re overcompensating for something, paisano. USA! USA!