Knowing These 20 Weight-Loss Tips Will Make You Svelte In No Time

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Stop Eating So Much Damn Sugar (aka Carbs)

Slow-digesting carbs (whole grains and whole-wheat bread) keep insulin levels low and steady and prevent insulin spikes from halting fat-burning and ramping up fat-storing. A Penn State University study found that people with low-calorie diets with carbs coming only from whole grains lost significantly more abdominal fat than those following a low-calorie diet with carbs from refined sources.

Slow-burning carbohydrates create lasting energy without an insulin spike. When it comes crashing back down you’ll get crazy hungry and will be tempted to eat foods that bring it back up. Try veering away from simple carbs such as white bread, sugar, pastries, candy, soda, and artificial syrups. Basically, if you can hunt it, tear it out of the ground, or spot it on a farm, make that the center of your meal plan. If it’s in a box or wrapper, keep it in check. You might want to consider taking fat burning pills for men or women to help you lose that excess fat that contributes to weight gain.