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The 11 Greatest Underdog Sports
Movies Ever

Moneyball may be a great movie about an underdog sports franchise. But will it measure up to the best underdog sports movies ever?

By Erin Dawson

The 11 Greatest Underdog Sports Movies Ever Moneyball

The movie Moneyball (stream for $3 / own for $10 @ Amazon.com) is the mostly true story of the Oakland Athletics and their unconventional approach to winning: Hiring the handsomest goddamned general manager baseball had ever seen.

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At least, that’s what happens in the movie. In real life, the team used goofy statistics to find undervalued players that they could actually afford. Point is, the Oakland Athletics were underdogs, Moneyball isn’t typically mentioned as one of the greatest underdog or most inspirational sports movies of all time.

For that to have happen, it would have had to equal the greatness of the films on this list of the greatest underdog sports movies ever. If you think we’ve gotten it wrong, let us know in the comments.

Oh, and spoiler alert etc. etc.

Inspirational Sports Movie: Rudy#11. Rudy (1993) | Stream for $4 / Own for $8 @ Amazon.com

Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger is 5’6” and 165 pounds. His best friend is killed in a steel mill explosion. His girlfriend dumps him for his brother. Oh, and he’s dyslexic. So he definitely qualifies as an underdog in his quest to play for the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish.

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But he works hard, prays to Touchdown Jesus, and repeatedly tells his coaches, “I can do it, coach!” until he achieves his goal. And before you start getting all agro about this movie only being at #11 on our list, keep in mind that Notre Dame, Sean Astin, and relentless overachievers all start to be pretty annoying after two hours.

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