The 11 Greatest Underdog Sports Movies Ever

Inspirational Sports Movies Bad News Bears#4 Bad News Bears (1976) | Steam for $3 / Own for $10 @

Who wouldn’t want to root for a group of tow-headed underdog little-leaguers? Especially ones clad in “Chico’s Bail Bonds” jerseys who also swear like longshoremen, ride motorcycles, and chain smoke?

And who are coached by an alcoholic, part-time pool cleaner? The Bears are so bad, in fact, that for the past 35 years any group of anything who suck at whatever they do are “The Bad News Bears of ____.” But after scamming some new talent, the team gains the confidence to begins to climb in the standings. They even make it to the championship game against the arrogant Yankees (notice a pattern?), where they fail to notch a “W,” but win at life by learning that trying hard, being a team, and listening to a boozed-up lout is what counts.