15 Easy Food Swaps That’ll Make You Healthier

salad dressing diet weight loss foodsThe Staple: Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing (2 tbsp. = 140 calories/14 fat grams)

The Swap: 2 tbsp. Wish-Bone Italian salad dressing (2 tbsp. = 80 calories/7 fat grams)

The Savings: You think you’re doing yourself a favor by munching on greens and carrots and you are –until you drown them in unnecessary fat and calories. Making the switch to a lighter dressing will make your salad, and you, healthier.

The Scoop: If you just can’t stomach a salad that’s not dripping in creamy white stuff, do yourself a favor and, at the very least, switch to Hidden Valley’s less-evil light version.

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