20 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Facts You Probably Never Knew


Buffy Brought The First Lesbian Sex Scene on Network TV

As the series moved on, the relationship between the characters Willow and Tara grew, eventually amounting to something most networks and shows were afraid of showing. In short, magic was used to explore the relationship with Willow and Tara. In the episode called “The Body” we see Willow and Tara kiss onscreen for the first time. Joss Whedon, the director, promised to leave the show if that scene was cut out. The show eventually switched networks, and started showing via UPN and thankfully these guys did not oppose same-sex relationships, unlike WB at the time. Later on, Willow’s relationship with Kennedy was what brought the first lesbian sex scene on both network TV and on the show Buffy. This was a huge thing, back in 2003 when the episode aired.