20 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Facts You Probably Never Knew


Buffy Was Filmed in A Warehouse and Schools, Due to Low Budget

When the series kicked off, the cast and crew had a modest budget. So, there was no fancy soundstage, therefore they had to use a warehouse in Santa Monica, California. “We were very much on a tight budget. This hall you’ll see a lot of in the first 12 episodes. It is the entire school. We only had the one hall, so we use it over and over again. It’s really kind of sad, actually,” said Joss Whedon in reference to the first, low-budget phase of the show. However, some of these spots are actually very popular filming locations. Torrance High School in L.A. served as a location for the show’s Sunnydale High – the same place was used when Beverly Hills 90210 was filmed.