The 2012 Evolve Awards

2012 Evolve Awards

Every so often, something catches our eye and makes us think, “Man, we wish we’d thought of that.” Or to be more precise, it makes us think, “Man, we wish we were smart enough to have thought of that.” And those are the things that the inaugural Evolve Awards are all about.

We’re honoring 31 products and companies in 11 different categories that, over the past year, have set themselves apart thanks to their amazing innovation. They range from a new way to create tequila, to a mind-bending video game, to a business that provides consumers with a new way to buy inexpensive designer glasses while giving away just as many glasses to those in need. They’re the things that remind us that the world, along with the modern man, keeps evolving. And in so doing, they make us all the more eager to keep pace.

Evolve Automobiles AUTOS
Speed alone doesn’t equal innovation … but it doesn’t hurt.

Three grooming tools that’ll help you save time, look better, feel cleaner, and stay on Captain Planet’s good side.

Evolve Spirits

Tequila as you’ve never seen or tasted it, and a blended Scotch that manages to be even greater than the sum of its parts.

Evolve Awards: EntertainmentENTERTAINMENT
The movie, TV show, video game, and book that upped the ante more than any others over the past year.

Evolve Apparel APPAREL
We found clothing that’s versatile, affordable, and tells you what kind of g-forces you’re enduring. Oh, and it also all looks cool.

Evolve Gadgets

Read anything, watch anything, photograph anything, and control anything with these innovative tech products.

Evolve Outdoor Gear OUTDOOR GEAR
Whether you’re surviving the outdoors, enjoying the outdoors, or outracing everything in the outdoors, this gear has you covered.

Evolve HairHAIR CARE
Keep your hair under control and just plain keep your hair with these innovative products from brands you know you can trust with your coif.

Evolve AccessoriesACCESSORIES
Inexpensive yet fashionable glasses, high-tech hats, and a backpack that holds a case of beer while protecting it from getting soaked by other beer.

Evolve Awards: Mobile AppsMOBILE APPS
Use your phone to listen to any song ever recorded, to effortlessly tell an attractive Russian woman that she’s your favorite маленькая свекла, and more.

Evolve Awards: Smelling Good

These scents will leave you smelling like a man! (In the lady-pleasing way, not in the horrific way.)